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Hot workshop - Getting ready for Copilot

Copilot is coming closer and soon it will be available to you AND your competitors. 

It is a common misconception that AI will fix anything and everything. You need to get ready for the big impact it will make to your processes, your business, your people and the new threats and opportunities that AI will bring.

The workshop includes:

  • What is AI and which type of AI is Copilot
  • Architecture and security
  • What are the costs of AI and what does it cost NOT to implement Copilot?
  • How to get your data ready
  • What are the tools available to you today?
  • How to take the next steps

Main Services


Classic consulting

Hire me as a consultant for roles such as:

  • Solution Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Implementation Manager
  • Change Manager

Workshops & Seminars

Popular workshops are:

  • Management workshop 
  • Teams structure & information architecture
  • Document management

Coaching & Advisor

1-1 coaching for those who have a very special role or very special need.

Hire me in a pure advisory capacity, where you want someone to talk to or get a second opinion. 


Training for all

Training for leaders, champions or end users? 

You need to get it all and I can help you get it and make it work for your people and business.

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