Are you looking for an experienced and seasoned change manager to get your organization up to the cloud? Then look no further. 

Microsoft 365 is an amazing set of tools that just keeps on growing, maturing and expanding. It’s so big in fat that it’s easy to get lost in all the possibilities and decisions you need to take. 

This company started in 2019 with a clear goal and focus in mind. To help companies move further into the cloud. The COVID-19 Pandemic hit and I got to service a lot more diverse companies from my home. It was a bumpy ride to say the least, but it also brought a lot of positive things. Not that a pandemic is positive, but when a large group of people get together with a clear goal to “just make things work” a lot of force is used to push forward.

We didn’t do everything right, but we all had our hearts in the right place, and we are now more prepared than ever before to take on the challenge to change how we work. At least everyone now knows how to attend a digital meeting and that is not half bad.

How do we do it?

Today Cloud 476 is a one-woman company with lots of amazing friends in the business and lean on tools that are equally amazing. There is no ‘one size fits all’ but there is a blueprint to work from. A method where you can slow and steady move forward and make the whole organization dance to the same beat.

The good and bad news

I cannot do the digital transformation for you, nobody can. You need to engage your organization to do this for themselves. It’s like getting into better shape. Nobody can do it for you. Good news is that to get people engaged and feel safe and secure to venture on in the adventure – that I can help you with. I am like a digital personal trainer.