The blueprint

To get your organization in order there is a blueprint.

Assess the current situation

Interviews, tests, talks, reports and long, good look around. Look at this amazing service that I put together with my very good friend Mats. You need eyes from the outside.

Craft a vision and a goal

A vision needs to be clear and understood. Most of the time when it comes to the digital workplace it can get a bit…. fluffy.. It’s supposed to be a tool for all of your organization to lean on and look to when they are choosing what to do and how to do it. This needs to be built from your values and it has to be real.

Then the real tricky part, you have to communicate it and live it. Your managers need to talk about it. Employees need to lean on it as they take decisions. That is the only way to use it. The intranet campaign is one step. Not -the- step.

Get leadership on board and in the know

This is standard, but what isn’t standard is that they themselves need to get their fingers digitally dirty. The new ways of working in the digital workplace applies to them too. How to communicate, how to share information, how to act, where to be present, how to take decisions and how to do their own work. They need to be digital leaders too.

  • Workshop
  • 1-1 coaching

Get your adoption programs in order

There is no point in wishing for change. You have to make it happen. You need to design leadership and champions program. And maybe even several depending on how you are organized. This is not a one off, these are ongoing programs that is to live on always.

  • Digital leadership program
  • Champions program(s)

Check your environment, devices, support and security

With the cloud comes amazing new tools and capabilities. And also, amazing ways to get hurt or stopped in your tracks. You have to be on top of things and make sure that the framework for the new ways of working is stable and dependable. This is the major role for the traditional IT. But we need to make it modern, fast and in line with the rest of the organization.

Coach and evolve your leaders into digital leaders

You have to craft the digital workplace culture. Structure and methods do not grow organically. It needs to be carefully handled with your managers and leaders not to lose the very essence of you, and still level to new heights. This can be very frustrating, and it is hard work. This is where this PT really need to warm up.

This is the work of someone like me. A skilled digital leadership coach who can meet your leaders where they are and make them grow. How this group get their groups to collaborate and create results, this is the work culture that you have.

Support your digital leaders to get their work groups into action

The knowledge is to be trickled down and even though a leader can understand and have a clear vision on how their team is to function it is usually very hard to meet their work groups with the change. Keeping to the common culture and within those frames steer to the ways of working requires a delicate touch.

Your digital leaders are probably not the best teachers, the best digital coaches or the IT support. When they approach their workgroups, they have to have someone to lean on when they get the questions and pushback. In the beginning it is best to be supported by a change manager (me) but in time you can get some of your champions up to speed to support in this work. The managers need to have a co-pilot here to create the authentic message that this is how we are going to do this. We can do it and we will do it.

Training and ongoing support for the changing IT world

Do not do your own training for standard systems and tools. It will take too much time and will not be as good as it would be by a partner. I’m talking about companies like Storyals here. Not me. This is why I am engaged with Storyals to begin with. I did a lot of training and wasted a lot of my customer’s time with creating material that would go out of date and someone else already had done.

Should you not have any internal training? Oh yes, very much so. You also need an LMS to collect all of your training for all of your needs. You don’t have time for performing internal trainings anymore. You should do eLearning, digital training, webinars and external trainers and coaches. What you do internally are workshops that build on top of it to adapt your processes, align with your value and further develop your business. The onboarding program needs to work like a well oiled machine.

In summary

So there you have it. It’s not hard to understand, but it is hard to make it happen. And that is why I am here to help. Contact me to get started.

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