Digital workplace assessment

Are you frustrated over the potential for a digital workplace, but seems far away and you are not sure of what to do? Your organization is most probably in the same place as many others, but your solution is not easily Googled. Even though you are not alone, you need to get on top of this because you all fight for the same talent, the same customers, and the same piece of the pie. If you get your ducks in order faster than them, you’ll win!

To get this digital workplace to work requires more than just a few fixes. All the tasks as we previously managed in the big IT update/roll-out/migration projects goes into a void now when it’s so easy to start using IT services. So, we do know what we need to do. You just have to know where to start and get some insights into what your real issues are.

That is where I come in to help you and I will not bore you with my credentials – connect with me on LinkedIn instead. I will engage you with the solution and a way forward.

Then and now

The impact of software as a service was greater than most of us could anticipate and now we don’t have the classical long projects with project managers, reference groups and steering committees. We are sometimes a bit lost on what we should do, because it’s not just IT, or not just leadership, or just security.

Do not start a project, though. This is something that needs to be implemented as a constant internal process. We need to transfer some of the things we did in project form to create this new line organization. It can’t be like the traditional line organizations either, this has to be dynamic, creative and quick on it’s feet.

New possibilities and new threats comes all the time.

Nobody is waiting for you to catch up.

Digital workplace assessment

I had a manager once that I didn’t always get along with, but she gave me some words of wisdom that I always return to. She said, “Dig where you stand.” And that is the smartest thing any of us can do. We have to start where we are. But where are YOU? This is not an opinion; this is a state that needs investigating by someone who knows what questions to ask and can read the answers properly.

Dig where you stand

What is in the assessment?

The assessment is two parts: Current State and Next State.

Current state: You will get the tools and a deeper understanding of your risks, IT environment, how your core processes are supported in the digital workplace, what level of knowledge your employees have and need, what processes and policies needs updating, what your leaders need to do, and you will also get the leadership group to understand the value and current situation.

Next state: You will get a path forward which you can implement to start to get that ROI all ads are talking about. The destination will be that you have a clear vision, a governance group, named and trained, a competency goal that is relevant to your business. In short, a digital workplace that is working. Not perfect, not automated and sci-fi but a great starting point for taking your business to the next step with confidence.

How is it done?

We will investigate your current state with digital visits, surveys, interviews, reviews of policies, IT environment, run reports in your Microsoft environment and the likes. The results will be collected and analyzed by a team of senior specialists (Pia and Mats). The result will be a collection of facts and the roadmap to get to a good digital workplace, from where you can continue your journey with your eyes open.

Book Pia today to learn more and plan for how to get your organization into good digital fit.

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